CTO Power Summit 2010 by Darnell Group
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Program Topics

Keeping up with the latest technology trends and getting advanced information for next-generation trends is important, but it is only a small part of what CTOs will receive at Darnell's CTO Power Summit.

The industry continues to move at a faster and faster pace. Customers are demanding solutions to today's problems for today's designs. It is the CTO's task to have a clear view of technology trends and market needs beyond today's demands. A clear vision of medium- and longer-term market demand trends is critical. It enables CTOs to identify opportunities for enhancing product differentiation and keeping up with changing market conditions. Complementing the improved margins enabled by enhanced product differentiation is the drive for reduced product development costs and product manufacturing cost reductions. Darnell's CTO Power Summit will address this diverse set of demands and provide the tools CTOs need to drive success in the future:

  • Enabling faster product development cycles
  • Clarifying medium- and long-term market demand trends
  • Enhancing product differentiation
  • Reducing product development costs
  • Supporting product manufacturing cost reductions
  • Identifying advanced technology developments and trends
  • Increasing the availability of well-educated power electronics engineers
  • Putting it all together to maximize enterprise performance and develop successful business strategies

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